As summer vacation approaches, the overwhelming question of “What to do?” during the 12 weeks away from school starts to plague students.

For some, vacation is merely the chance to take on additional learning related activities such as summer internships, test preparation courses or virtual school classes.  Internships offer pupils the chance to explore future professions and are strongly encouraged for magnet students. They offer real world experience while college test  prep and online classes provide the chance to grow academically.

Other students choose to pursue part-time jobs for the summer.  Whether it is babysitting, life guarding or working at a restaurant, there are an abundance of part-time employment opportunities teenagers may seek.

For those not looking to earn a profit, but rather make a difference in the community, they may find chances to volunteer throughout the city.

Overall, summer vacation is not just about rest and relaxation.  Whether intellectually, financially or charitably, students can find opportunities to grow as people.  Here we have compiled all of these aforementioned activities, as well as the statistics one needs to know before performing them.

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