As a four year staff member and three year editor on the Legend yearbook, valedictorian Vivien Quattrone knows the importance of meeting deadlines, and similarly, goals.

“Yearbook was a big part of high school for me; it kind of defined who I am and who my friends were,” Quattrone said.  “[Through yearbook], I learned a lot about time management and meeting deadlines and how to strive for and accomplish a goal.”

During her four years, Quattrone managed to earn a 4.0 despite juggling yearbook and an Advanced Placement-heavy course load.  To help her through her more challenging courses like AP Chemistry, she relied on outside inspiration.

“It was a combination of personal drive and determination.  I’ve always been a motivated person.  I guess you could say my younger sisters inspired me because I wanted to set a good example for what they should strive for.  I wanted to make my parents proud too,” Quattrone said. “[I met my goals] for myself and my family. I just wanted to do it.”

Among Quattrone’s future goals is to attend the University of Florida, the only school she applied to.  Here she wishes to study a science-related field in the hopes she will attend dental school and later become an orthodontist.  As she did for high school, Quattrone has set goals for college and beyond.

“I plan to study hard [at the University of Florida] and try my hardest to get through dental school as quickly as possible,” Quattrone said. “And when I’m an orthodontist, I want to travel to Africa and Southeast Asia, and basically anywhere there isn’t adequate dental care to help the children there.”

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