There is an unfortunate trend sweeping the sports world.  Rampant misbehaving among athletes has soiled their reputation, leaving a vacancy where their standing as role models should be.

Athletes like Yankee catcher Jorge Posada are setting poor examples for America’s youth.  The seasoned veteran took himself out of the lineup against the Kansas City Royals and has been out of it since.  The excuse he used was that he needed a “mental break”, already a weak admission.  But speculation is running rampant; commentators are discussing the possibility that he has taken himself out of the lineup because of the embarrassment his pathetic batting average is causing him.  Posada’s .165 batting average reflects his age.  After 15 years in the majors, Posada is nearing the end of his storied career.  There is nothing wrong with internally acknowledging the end; it should be encouraged.  However, the effects of this acceptance should be lamented.  Posada is essentially quitting, leaving his teammates on the diamond as he takes this break in the clubhouse.

Posada is showing his fans that his dedication is not as solid as it should be.  Young admirers see his behavior and the seeds will be planted.  In the uber-competitive world today, a resolute will to win is a handy tool to hone.  But seeing the perennial competitive role model, an athlete, quit chips away at the resolve growing in amateur athletes.

Posada must realize that he is not just making decisions or himself; he is choosing a path that reflects badly on the world in which he lives.  This act can be mended by apologizing and putting in the necessary time to improve his subpar batting average.  Improving this symbolic stat is extremely crucial.  Once the mistake is fixed, he can finish this last season (if he so chooses this to be his finale) like true role models: people who finish what they started to the best of their ability.

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