Michelangelo’s David poses in a pompous stance, the Leaning Tower of Pisa slants on a canvas, and Sophia Loren dazzles Buca di Beppo’s walls.

The decorative atmosphere not only initiates conversation but compliments the restaurant’s family style dining. This authentic wonderland, known as Buca di Beppo, offers traditional Italian cuisine in an eclectic, vintage setting.

Located in the Florida Mall, Buca di Beppo embodies a chain restaurant, yet remains a privately owned atmosphere. With the assistance of energetic and prompt waiters, customers feel right  at home.

Though busy throughout the week, restaurant reservations are not required, and parking is not a concern.

Upon entering the restaurant, servers and guests embark on a kitchen tour where exclusive seating is available for those seeking an up-close tasting experience.

While walk-ins are acceptable, reservations are required for this exclusive Chief Table. Holding a maximum of six people, the private booth is only available at certain hours, ranging from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.  The Chief Table is suggested for first time guests who desire a first hand look at the cooks perfecting their craft .

Buca di Beppo offers two options for family style meals: a Buca Large or a Buca Small. The Lobster Ravioli with Shrimp (Buca Small: $24.95, Buca Large: $34.95) and the Margherita Pizza (Buca Small: $12.95, Buca Large: $18.95) can feed from three to six people. While this eating option is expensive for a party of one, the serving method is meant to embrace the Italian stereotype of family dining. The price of dishes are compensated by large servings, supplying guests with a sufficient amount of food and plenty more to serve as leftovers.

The always changing menu draws its recipes from both Northern and Southern Italian cuisine. Buca di Beppo prides itself as an innovative dining experience with an authentic Italian flare. Awaken one’s taste buds with the Spicy Chicken Rigatoni (Buca Small: $18.95, Buca Large: $29.95), a tender chicken breast sautéed with garlic and red peppers. Act on cravings with the Fried Mozzarella (Buca Small: $9.95, Buca Large: $14.95), a hand breaded triangle served with a rich homemade marinara sauce.

To indulge further, customers can select from a variety of unforgettable  and satisfying desserts. Signature items include the Chocolate Chip Cannoli ($9.95) and the Colossal Brownie Sundae ($12.95) which includes six scoops of chocolate ice cream and 12 chunks of freshly baked brownies.

Offering a variety of traditional dishes with a modern spin, the five star restaurant allows customers to fall further in love with Italian food. In honor of World Pasta Day this season,  the restaurant is promoting a Fall Pasta Special, sure to please customers. Until the end of November, Buca di Beppo features menu adjustments, promoting four new Ravioli dishes and a signature Bucanti dish.

Whether celebrating a special occasion or having a night out, one can relish in the restaurant’s friendly staff and whimsical vibe.  Guests will immerse themselves in the Buca experience and enjoy the Italian traditions of food, friendship and hospitality.


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