ONE STEP AHEAD. Freshman Wesley Harper dribbles down the court and leaves track coach Josh Shearouse behind. photo/CHASE GARDNER


In an effort to raise money for the Nothing But Nets non-profit campaign, a student team challenged a faculty team in a basketball game last night at 6 p.m. in the Wayne Rickman gymnasium. In front of a crowd of 300, the faculty won 17-14.

The teachers held a lead, ending the first half 12-6.

During half time, there was a three point and free throw contest. Junior Jeffrey Morgan made four baskets winning the free throw contest. Seniors Marvin Bracy and Joshua Green battled for the 3-point contest title. They tied the first time, neither scored during the first tie breaking round, and then Bracy made four in the next round to win the contest.

Along with 10 players on the faculty team, seniors Dominick Cox and Bladimir Fabian served as the referees and the “Braverettes” consisting of the 2012-2013 Bravette team and 10 female faculty members cheered for the game.

“It is raising money for the good of the cause, supporting athletics and finding a little humor in seeing the teachers try to keep up with the kids,” assistant Bravette coach Merrideth Buchanan said.

Try outs for the 2012-2013 Bravette team were last week and this was their first performance as a team.

“It makes me feel good to support Boone’s effort. Often I do not have time with two kids, but it is nice to be there and get the chance,” Buchanan said.

Aside from the fundraising aspect of the game, the Sophomore Class organized the event with hope for student-faculty games to become a tradition.

“One of the biggest expectations is for the event to be continued. The first time an event is held is the hardest and I hope it will become a tradition,” Francis said.

The Sophomore Class, who sponsored the event, raised $1,805 through the $5 ticket sales and $10 tee shirt sales. Tee shirts are still for sale for $10; orange for faculty and blue for students. To purchase one, stop by Room 560.

Nothing But Nets provides nets for families in Africa to protect them from malaria.

“The goal is to raise as much money for the Nothing But Nets foundation and be a part of something bigger than just the Orlando community. We were trying to find an event that could possibly become tradition and that would be enjoyable for students,” Francis said.


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