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Dedication outweighs intellect


Valedictorians are a select group. Although there is value in intellect, senior Brandi Recker, valedictorian, believes it is a matter of applying oneself rather than being uncharacteristically smart.

“A valedictorian is determined by how much you apply yourself. Some of the smartest kids I know should be sitting on stage with us, but they’re not. Half the battle of school is doing the work, and if you can’t do the work, it won’t translate into success,” Recker said.

Recker has participated in the Finance Magnet program for her four years of high school, and is now one of the managers of the recently opened CFE Federal Credit Union’s Boone Branch on campus. While working in the credit union, Recker jokes about one of Mike Dorman’s, her Advanced Placement U.S. History teacher, favorite sayings: “cash is king.”

Aside from her academic rigor and vast financial experience, Recker enjoys spending time outdoors, away from the paperwork and stress of her hectic life.

“I love sports. I am very outdoors-y and athletic. Sometimes my stress reliever is just running,” Recker said.

Recker played on the flag football team that made it all the way to regional semi-finals on May 1. She also played volleyball and varsity soccer.

“I think that being involved in extracurricular activities provides an outlet in that you are away from the classroom and are doing something you enjoy to clear your head and have some fun,” Recker said.

Recker will be attending the University of Florida in the fall, with dreams of pursuing a career as an engineer. She hopes to one day work at Disney World as a ride designer.

“Growing up, my grandma had season tickets and we would stay at the campgrounds. [Big Thunder Mountain] was my favorite ride there.  I know the safety instructions in both English and Spanish. I’ve been on that ride so many times; I know where it will turn with my eyes closed. I would also like to be married by that time, but we’ll see,” Recker said.


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