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Student paces academics


In the Florida heat, sweat drips from her forehead as the adrenaline hits an all time high for senior Olivia Swartwood as she crosses the finish line after an important race.

Swartwood describes running as her passion, which she has been doing all four years while maintaining an un-weighted 4.0 grade point average. Her favorite high school memories are any times spent with the crosscountry girls and the annual summer camps spent in Colorado.

One of those crosscountry girls is fellow valedictorian Caroline Coleman. The two met in kindergarten and have been best friends ever since.

“[Knowing that I get to experience the feeling of being a valedictorian with Caroline] is so awesome. To know that we both worked so hard and it’s paid off makes me so happy, “Swartwood said.

Aside from cross-country, Swartwood ran track and is a member of National Honor Society, Math Club and Mu Alpha Theta.

“[The things I’m going to miss most about high school are] the traditions, the school activities and getting to be personal with people in small classes,” Swartwood said.

However, Swartwood’s nostalgia does not keep her from dreaming big. In 10 years Swartwood plans to be out of college and pursuing her career as a surgeon. She will be attending the University of Florida in the fall with a $2000 scholarship from the Heart of the City Foundation, majoring in medicine.

“[I want to become a surgeon because] I always had a passion for helping people. Also science is one of my strengths. I think it’s important to use the gifts you were given to help others,” Swartwood said.

When she is not keeping up with her 5.02 weighted grade point average, Swartwood enjoys listening to Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Eric Church and Kenny Chesney. Swartwood also enjoys hanging out with friends and family, and running.

Swartwood describes herself as pretty easygoing and extremely motivated. She is excited to see all of her hard work pay off.

“During freshman year my main goal was not to become a valedictorian but as I kept getting A’s, I just kept striving to continue making them [and now knowing that I’m graduating] is super exciting, and sad at the same time. [It will be] scary to be in a new place away from home,” Swartwood said.


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