SCORE. Running towards the goal senior Connor Wood tries to get open for a pass.Photo/ DELANEY SEACORD

All American soccer player senior Connor Wood was recently recongnized for his achievements in soccer. He was one of the two players selected in the state of Florida to be a member of the National Coaches Athletic Association All-American. team

Wood’s father, Shan Wood received the news through an email after a game.

“I tried to keep a straight face while I passed the phone [with the email saying he was selected]. When [Connor] read it, his eyes just lit up,” S.Wood said.

The All-American team is a group of the top 76 soccer players in the nation. Several coaches from the state of Florida nominated him into the southeast region team. Following his nomination to the southeast team, he was then selected into the national team. The team is comprised of the elite high school soccer players throughout the nation.

While the All-American team is a significant achievement, it is a non competitive team that may lead to other opportunities in the future. For example, college soccer coaches could favorably view a potiental player who has achieved an All-American status.

Wood is the only soccer player in the Central Florida area with this title. The other soccer player nominated is Jacob Vila from Tampa, Florida.

“It’s a true honor [to be a part of the All America team.] At first I couldn’t believe it. [After I found out] everything in my mind cleared and I felt joy,” Wood said.

In January, the National Coaches Athletic Association will pay for the players to attend a convention in Indianapolis. There they will receive Adidas apparel and awards.

“Now the underclassmen on the team can realize and know if they work hard they can be on the All American team too,” S.Wood said.

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