the americansBy PAULA MORALES

In the 1980’s Cold War drama that takes place in Washington, D.C, The Americans shows the an American family of travel agents with two kids living an ordinary life. Little does anybody know that they are highly trained Russian agents impersonating American citizens.

The starting scene shows Elizabeth (Kerri Russel, known as Felicity Porter in the WB’s popular series Felicity), Philip (Matthew Rhys, known as Kevin Walker in ABC‘s family drama Brothers & Sisters) and another KGB agent trying to kidnap a former KGB agent who has switched sides for U.S. cash. He isn’t the only one who switched, many other  KGB agents on U.S. soil begin to flip sides for money. I liked the real world situations, that they’re are always going to be complications; nothing is picture perfect.

Seeing as agents are switching sides so rapidly, Phillip has doubts about what he is doing. He thinks maybe it would make their lives better, less stressful and guarantee safety for their kids. That shows a different side of him, that he is not only there for his job and for his country but for his family as well. For Elizabeth it is the complete opposite. She loves her family but she doesnt agree with Phillip considering switching sides.

The main problem seems to be that the elected U.S President Ronald Reagan makes no secret of his desire to destroy all KGB agents. The president has signed a top-secret Executive Order authorizing FBI officers to do anything necessary to counteract all sleeper agents in the U.S.

After Elizabeth and Phillip spy snatch, a new neighbor moves into their neighborhood. After they give him and his wife a visit and bring them some welcome brownies, he tells them he is a secret FBI spy. It was jaw-dropping and definately confusing, Elizabeth and Phillip became uneasy towards him; was it coincidental that he moved in after their mission or did he have a purpose for being there?

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are awe-inspiring. They gave jaw dropping performances, especially in those scenes where you can really see their relationship and how it isn’t just arranged, it has become personal; I love that about it. They also beautifully depicted the grace of ordinary parents and dangerous spies all in one on the spot.

The 411

Show Title: The Americans

Release date: 1/30/2013

Airs: 10 p.m, Wednesday on FX

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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