Rug from Walmart, $24.97


Moving into a college dorm for the first time can be difficult.Trying to find room for everything one brought from home might be a struggle. Space has always been a problem when moving from one’s own room in a house to a tight squeeze that has to be shared with a roommate. The following ideas help create more space in a small dorm room with some cute ideas to spice up a bland enviroment room for a more “homey” feel.

Loft bed from Price: $149
Loft bed from, $149

1. Loft Bed: This is a cute look for any dorm (make sure you ask the RA at the college you are going to first). Lofting creates room for a desk underneath the bed for a perfect place to study and do homework.

Cost: $100-$400 (Or you can build one with a friend or parent if you are handy).

Where: Walmart ($119-$350), Kmart ($119-$375), Ikea ($119-$299).

Hanging shoe rack from Walmart. Price: $17
Hanging shoe rack from Walmart, $17

2. Hanging Shoe Rack: Hang this on the back of a door or even on the side of a loft bed to create more room in the closet. With more closet space, one can put storage bins were the shoes would go. This can even be pinned to a wall.

Cost: $10-$30

Where: Walmart


Rug from Walmart, $24.97
Rug from Walmart, $24.97

3. Bland wall no more: One of the easiest ways to spice up a plain white wall is to hang a rug.

Cost: $10-$200

Where: Walmart ($20-$150), or find a carpet seller on the side of the road if looking for a bargain.

Lamp from goodwill with pictures glued on. Price: varies
Lamp from Goodwill with
pictures glued on.
Price: varies

4. Light it up: To add a chic look or even represent your college, lamps are the perfect way to add some design to a dorm room. Find a lamp with a base design that fits the theme of your dorm at any local Goodwill. Purchase designed/patterned fabric and sew onto lamp shade, or even glue on pictures of friends to the lamp shade.

Cost: $5-$30

Where: Goodwill (lamp), Hobby Lobby (Fabric).

One good tip before purchasing anything is to visit the dorm you’ll be living in to see the space and ask questions about what is and is not allowed in the rooms.


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