Classically Beautiful is about incorporating fashion and beauty into our everyday student lives.  High school is a time of self discovery.  This discovery often contributes to one’s unique style.  The blog will consist of opinions, tutorials, tips, and other content that will help you develop your own personal flair.

Fashion is an art.  It is a way of expressing your personality through the unique arrangement of garments and accessories.

Fashion makes us look good.   Looking good ultimately makes us feel good.

Fashion gives us confidence.  It is the armor that disguises our inner emotions.

It is an outlet of subtle rebellion.  It is a gallery into the contents of our inner self.

Fashion is a story.  It is constantly evolving.

As you grow and develop, fashion grows and develops right by your side.

Fashion differs for everyone.  Some may find the realm of fashion as intriguing as I do, others couldn’t care less.

Here’s what other people think about fashion (click photo or here):


By Monique Mahabir

Hi I'm Monique! I love running my blog (, listening to music and watching Netflix.

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