YUMMY. Club member Kaylin Garrett, junior, enjoys a chocolate cake pop covered in pink frosting.
YUMMY. Club member Kaylin Garrett, junior, eyes a chocolate cake pop covered in pink frosting. photo/ROBERTO GUEVARA

In the cut throat world of high school cooking, the Baking Braves stand proud as beacons of sugary goodness. On Jan. 29 students gathered in Jennalyn Patton’s room, trays in hand, ready to enjoy the treats of the day.

Rather than the standard baked goods the club often makes, this meeting introduced a new challenge.

“We decided to do cake pops rather than just brownies and cookies. It brings our club closer together and it helps to share different techniques,” Lindsay Perrin, president and senior, said.

Each member brought a container of cake pops to be judged in order to determine who baked the best batch.Two winners would be chosen, one by Perrin and Patton, and the other by the rest of the club.

“You [have to] make the best dang, smakin’, flippin’ goodies. Taste and texture and love is what is important to me,” junior Rylee Witherington said when considering what she looks for in desserts.

Not everyone who attended this meeting was a cake-boss in the making though.

“I see myself as a baking coach. I don’t really know how to do it but I can teach others,” senior Drew Shofner said.

As for the competition, Grace Asbury and Grace Easterling took home the crown. Besides the pride that comes with winning, Asbury received a baking mold for her achievement and Easterling a cupcake container.

Moving forward the club will continue to bake with new and exciting events on the horizon.

The Baking Braves meet tentatively once a month on  Thursdays directly after school in Room 308.

By Roberto Guevara

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