Recognition. Prince Roberto Guevara asks the crowd to applaud for Princess Amanda Bordonaro after they are crowned. photo/Stephanie Landis

In the annual winter court presentation, seniors Roberto Guevara and Amanda Bordonaro are crowned Prince and Princess of the Snowflake Court during halftime of the boys basketball game on Jan. 29.

Guevara represented Thespians with Callie Thomas.

“I feel so honored that I was finally recognized by my peers. It was unexpected but I always knew I was born to be royal,” Guevara said.

Bordonaro represented Chess Club with Kevin Mendoza. This was Chess Club’s first year being represented.

“I was not expecting [to be crowned] at all, so it feels amazing,” Bordonaro said.

Twenty six clubs participated in the 28th annual Snowflake Court. Below is a full list of nominees and the club they represented.


Art Club- Katherine Rohe, Kris Roosa

ASL- Maile Suganuma

Always Wear Your Seatbelt Lauren Garcia, Hannah Paymayesh

Baseball Babes- Robert Simmons, Lauren Duffy

Best Buddies Adam Anderson, Madison Martina

Boone Crew- Jose Londono, Kaitlin Renaud

Bravettes- Ashley Simkovitch

Cheer/Football- Daniel Gulliot, Alexandria Nagle

Chess Club- Kevin Mendoza, Amanda Bordonaro

Chorus- Kerry Alce, Megan Williams

FCA- Mary Grace Burkett, Brad Horton

GSA- Luis Difo, Ashley Clitron Thomas McDonald, Ciara McCoy

Highlights Newspaper-  Meghan Cotton, Mackenzie Mock

Key Club Isaias Gayahan, Truc Phan

Legend Yearbook- Morgan Rowland, Morgan Muhart

Math Club- Brandon Cook, Megan Gibson, Dora Muratovic

Mu Alpha Theta- Pamela Surran, Alexandra Corrow

NHS- Austin Garcia, Claire Collins

Quiz Bowl- Matthew Shinner

Senior Class- McKenna Crager, Katherine O’Meara

Social Justice- Alan Krol

Spanish Club- Elizabeth Brady, Victoria Allanson

Swimming- Brandon Sempier, Madison Guetzloe

Tennis- Daniela Ciro

Thespian- Roberto Guevara, Callie Thomas

Young Democrats- Kevin Monell, Gabriella Benjamin

Young Republicans- Cody Tipping, Karina Ramirez

By Stephanie Landis

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