BLOOD LINE. On Feb.9, Genesis Niedzwieki gives blood at the blood drive.
BLOOD LINE. On Feb.9, Genesis Niedzwieki gives blood at the blood drive. photo/Morgan Rowland

Over 300 students signed up to donate blood on Feb. 9, when the Big Red Bus paid the campus a visit for the 20th year in a row.

Student donors spent approximately 30 minutes of their school day giving blood.  Each pint collected can help saves up to three lives.  Free food and getting out of class were not donor’s only motivation to participate.  Students were compelled by the power to save lives with the simple act of giving blood.

“It’s kind of fun and it’s for a good cause.  You get to get out of class but you don’t feel about about it,” senior Scott Mccoy, who has donated for the past three years, said. “It’s not scary and it’s a neat experience.”

One reason students say they avoid giving blood is the fear that the procedure will hurt.  But doctors assure donors that they will only feel a slight prick at the beginning as the needle is inserted and the rest of the procedure is painless.

“I always tell them not to watch and to try to give it because its an amazing thing to give to another person,” Senior Class sponsor Annette Montgomery  said.

The real danger in giving blood is avoiding eating a nutritious dinner and breakfast before donating.  Doing so may result in nausea or fainting and can discourage students from donating again.  This can easily be avoided by eating a well balanced dinner the night before and breakfast the morning of donating.  It is also important to answer all questions honestly in case there is a chance donors could put themselves and those receiving their blood at risk.

The next on-campus blood drive is April 13 and sign up will begin the week before.  Those interested in donating can also locate a Big Red Bus on their website.

To donate:  Must be 17 years old (16 years old with parent consent) and weigh at least 110 pounds.  Donors under 18 years old should review additional weight requirements.

By Alexis Buskirk

I play volleyball and love to read and write. I also do a lot of volunteer work.

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