[slideshow_deploy id=’79094′]At the reopening of Busch GardensAdventure Island, they will unveil a new attraction to the park: Colossal Curl.

The Colossal Curl is a 622 foot family thrill slide that includes a funnel and a wave wall. While the sliding experience lasts roughly 40 seconds, the experience is unlike any other in Adventure Island. The 36 foot wave wall will allow riders to feel zero-gravity before dumping them into a small pool.

Colossal Curl combines two features found in other slides. In Aquatica Texas, Walhalla Wave sends guests into zero- gravity with its 360 degree wave wall. Water Country USA in West Virginia features a funnel similar to Colossal Curl’s.

“Those are the important elements that we wanted in this ride. The unique thing about [Colossal Curl] versus those two rides is this is a little bit longer and it has a little more of a drop,” Rusty Keene, vice president, said

Colossal Curl is the tallest ride in the park at 70 feet high. Because of its height, the ride is designed with a float ramp that returns the floats to the top of the ride for guests. This eliminates the long walk up 114 steps with the bulky float.

Colossal Curl is eye catching not only because of its bright blue, green and yellow striping, but because of its location. The slide is the new focal point of the park, taking the place of Gulf Stream, the previous attraction to be the park’s focal point. The attraction was even build on its own “island.”

Adventure Island will open for its 2015 season on March 7. The park will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ticket pricing ranges from $95 to $165. Click here for more information

By Stephanie Landis

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