[slideshow_deploy id=’77475′]Busch Gardens’ Howl-O-Scream is living up to its tradition of providing guests with scares and thrills, but this year promises more horror. The featured horror is a demon that terrorizes guests after they have heard the cursed song.

“What we are really trying to do this year is scare people. We’ve done it every year and each year we get more and more requests to be more and more intense and I think this year we’re trying some things we’ve never done before and I’m hoping that it will reach out and grab that fear that our guests want to experience,” Creative Services and Entertainment Director Scott Swenson said.

The returning scare houses include: The Experiment, Death Water Bayou, The Basement, Blood Asylum, Circus of Superstition and Zombie Mortuary. New scare houses include Deadfall and Zombie Containment Unit 15.

Deadfall features a haunted green house with surprises lurking around every corner. Fog machines and creepy whistling set the mood before entering the house. The darkness blinds, but the horror paralyses. Beware the boathouse monster.

Zombie Containment Unit 15 is set to be three years after the zombie apocalypse, and there has been a breach in the area where the zombies are contained. This scare house is the first to give guests the opportunity to fight back. Each guest is given an eradication device to shoot the zombies. The zombies who have been hit must freeze temporarily.

“If I had to choose a favorite, it is probably going to be Zombie Containment Unit 15 this year. It is a brand new concept that actually lets the guests be as involved as the performers,” Swenson said.

The event runs Thursday through Saturday nights, Oct. 2-Nov. 1. Single night tickets start at $45. Details for discounts are on the event’s website. Get tickets now to experience the new thrills Howl-O-Scream has to offer.


Rating: 4 Stars

Where: Busch Gardens in Tampa

When: Thursday through Saturday nights, Oct. 2-Nov. 1

How much: $45 for single night general admission

Extras: Bring a group of 15 or more and get a discount or bring one friend and pay $25

Online: http://seaworldparks.com/en/howloscream-tampa/cursed/

By Meghan Cotton

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