HEY BATTER BATTER. Junior Meghan Mansfield prepares to hit the ball.
HEY BATTER BATTER. In the third inning, junior Meghan Mansfield prepares to hit the ball.

The Lady Braves (10-1) posed for a victory group photo, throwing up peace signs and number ones on Wednesday, March 4, after defeating the Dr. Phillips Panthers (7-6).

In the first inning, the Panthers gained a run and the Lady Braves remained at zero.

Sophomore pitcher Karla Plogstedt struck out all three batters in the second inning, keeping the Panthers from gaining any more runs. However, the girls still remained at zero runs.

In the third inning, both sophomore Rachel Lopez and junior Meghan Mansfield hit singles, but failed to make it home.

The girls stepped up their game in the fourth inning, getting two runs. Seniors Sara Galvis and Ciara McCoy made it home, making the score 2-1.

Dr. Phillips fought back, gaining three more runs by the sixth inning, but the girls weren’t giving up. In the sixth inning, junior Meghan Sexton, Lopez, Mansfield and sophomore Kelsi Smith all scored runs, increasing the score, 8-4.

Catch the softball team again on March 6 when they travel to Freedom High School to battle the Patriots at 4:15 p.m.

By Morgan Rowland

I am the 2015 Legend yearbook senior editor-in-chief. I also am obsessed with cats, including but not limited to my own, Moki and Jagger.

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