“Geronimo” is the first single from Sheppard’s debut album, Bombs Away, released in the U.S. on March 10.

The infectious tune from the Australian pop band calls upon the percussion of Imagine Dragons, the pop-folk influences of Mumford and Sons, and the four-part harmonies of the Beach Boys, a valid method considering the success of these artists.

However, much like the song’s Frankenstein-esque music video, the piecing together of superb elements into one song saturates the song with too many styles and comes out sounding bland.

“Geronimo” is just breaking into the American radio scene and peaked in the Billboard Hot 100 at 74, but the track is quickly lost in the ocean of popular singles that have similar sound, but had the advantage of starting in the U.S. and getting a head start on the radio.

A shame, considering the pop elements that Top 40 listeners love: an irritatingly catchy chorus (“Say Geronimo!”), a female member, Amy Sheppard, with blue hair, and an attractive lead singer, George Sheppard, with a foreign accent.

One thing that may help “Geronimo” last is the fact that many will consider the song to be indie pop.  The song is actually played using real instruments and that, normally, means the song has a “hipster feel,” according to teenagers at least.  Listeners will take pride in listening to what they perceive as “independent” music, despite the fact that Sheppard is the furthest thing from indie: an Australian band that is signed to a Universal Music Group subsidiary and behind on American music trends (Mumford and Sons…) that is desperately trying to break into the audio systems of high schoolers’ cars.

Music is separated into two categories upon release: tracks that make critics happy and tracks that make people happy.  Sheppard’s latest effort never had a chance in the former, and, unfortunately, will not make it in the latter.

The Hilights 

Song Title: “Geronimo”

Release date: 2/28/2014

Cost: $1.29

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Download: iTunes

By Samuel Schiffer

I am a senior at Boone High School. My interests include being a senior at Boone High School, good music, and good movies.

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