JAM. senior Taylor Stewart grooves on the trombone. photo/Morgan Rowland
JAM. senior Taylor Stewart grooves on the trombone. photo/Morgan Rowland
JAMMING OUT. Senior Taylor Stewart grooves on the trombone. photo/Morgan Rowland

As the sun set behind the Kemosabe Commons Tuesday night, the Boone Jazz Band entertained spectators playing some of the classics and even one of their own tunes.

In addition to the Boone Jazz ensemble, the Conway Middle School jazz band opened the night with groovy renditions of jazz tracks from “Booker T.” and “Watermelon Man,” showcasing the youngsters potential in joining the high school group when the time comes.

The Conway kids even threw in “Happy” by Pharrell Williams to keep the younger audience members pleased.

After the more than capable Conway group wrapped up their set, the headliners took the stage.

Looking cooler than ever in all black, the Boone Jazz Band jammed to classic tracks, such as Van Morrison’s “Moondance” and one of their own compositions, “Riding the Fourth Wave.”

The original song was a quick-tempoed, heart-racing piece with influences of contemporary ska elements, such as an off-beat guitar rhythm and a strong horn section.

Jazz Under the Stars 2015 marked a successful outdoor concert for both bands after being rained out the last two years.  There was not a cloud in the sky on the beautiful Tuesday evening, letting the stars shine bright on the brass of the trumpets as The Sound of the Braves echoed throughout the campus.

To view the live feed from the event, click here.

By Samuel Schiffer

I am a senior at Boone High School. My interests include being a senior at Boone High School, good music, and good movies.

One thought on “Jazz bands shine under stars”
  1. Riding The Fourth Wave is not an original composition. Riding The Fourth Wave was originally released in 1998 on Catch 22’s album Keasby Nights, and later on a remake of Keasby Nights by Streetlight Manifesto which is fronted by the singer and songwriter of Catch 22, Tomas Kalnoky.
    The version of Riding The Fourth Wave which was heard on Tuesday is an arrangement made from a midi I found on the internet and transposed into a different key than the original.

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