CLOWNING AROUND. ESE Clerk Carolyn Sangrey poses dressed up as a clown.
CLOWNING AROUND. ESE Clerk Carolyn Sangrey poses dressed up as a clown.
CLOWNING AROUND. ESE Clerk Carolyn Sangrey poses dressed up as Petey the clown. photo courtesy/ Carolyn Sangrey

After 12 years of being an Exceptional Student Education Clerk, Carolyn Sangrey has decided this year is the year to retire.

Sangrey is celebrating her 65 birthday today, and since she no longer needs insurance, she no longer needs to work.

“I am definitely going to miss the people, employees and the liveliness of being on a campus,” Sangrey said.

Sangrey attended Valencia Community College (now Valencia College) and ended up at Boone when one of her closest friends, Mary Harris, the school’s secretary at the time, knew of her skills and talents and had the school hire her.

“I have been the ESE Clerk for 12 years and have been at Boone for all of those 12 years,” Sangrey said.

Through the years, she’s made lasting memories. Her children being on campus were a part of those memories. Three of Sangrey’s kids graduated from Boone while she was working on campus.

“Every day my kids would come and eat lunch with me so I would have more time with my kids even while they were at school. That is the most memorable memory,” Sangrey said.

As a side job, Sangrey is a clown, so she enjoys messing with people and pranking them is a part of her personality.

On her children’s birthday’s she would send an officer to their classroom to “arrest them” or give them a fake referral just to scare them.

“Everyone would get cupcakes or cookies on their birthdays but I got a referral or arrested by a school officer,” Cheyenne Sangrey, C Sangrey’s daughter, said.

Sangrey plans on starting her own business of personalizing items such as tee shirts, cups and Christmas ornaments. Her daughter and husband plan to help in this endeavor.

She will also continue her career as “Petey the Clown” to make more money and do what she loves.

“I love making kids smile and I enjoy the parent’s compliments, and I make great money,” Sangrey said.

By Cassady Quintana

I am a junior on the BHS Lady Braves varsity basketball team, varsity flag football team and a second year Boone Pubs staffer. I am addicted to sweet tea and I love music.

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