LISTEN UP. Principal Dusty Johns speaks to all of the student leaders about the rivalry.
LISTEN UP. Principal Dusty Johns speaks to all of the student leaders about the rivalry.

With the annual rivalry game 10 days away and the fear destructive events that occur before the annual Battle of the Barrel game, Boone and Edgewater have brought together student leaders meet to diffuse the negative aspects of the rivalry.

Thirty six students worked together Oct. 27, from 9:30 to 12:30, in the Wayne Rickman Gymnasium to talk about the rivalry and how to make it more positive.

“We have united two schools together to keep away negative thoughts of the rivalry and keep a positive light. Our school leaders are here and we want to talk to students about being more positive,” Edgewater football player Jonathan Peoples said.

The Boone Edgewater Sportsmanship Forum included presentations from both principals, Dusty Johns and Howard Hepburn. It also consisted of messages from the athletic directors, Douglas Patterson, and Janet Rasmussen.

“This meeting is hopefully forming relationships with students from both schools. The students will be the voices of reason during future games in all sports,” Johns said.

The meeting covered topics surrounding the idea of discouraging bad sportsmanship and vandalization. SGA officers and varsity sports players from both schools came together to talk about the importance of the rivalry, and how no one wants it to end because of a few bad choices.

“I think students will react positively to this positive change we have started. If they see student athletes doing this, they will follow,” football player Colby Ritten said.

By Bridget Hartig

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