Going Down. Sam White and Richard Downing block Edgewater's offense from scoring.
Going Down. Sam White and Richard Downing block Edgewater's offense from scoring.
GOING DOWN. Sam White and Richard Downing block Edgewater’s offense from scoring. photo/Renn Oberdick

In the 63rd annual Battle for the Barrel, the boys defeated Edgewater (7-3), ending the Eagles six game winning streak.

The Braves (6-4) started with the ball, but threw an interception within the first few plays of the game. Edgewater capitalized off of the interception and scored within two plays setting a grim mood for the Braves.

Luckily for the Braves, they were able to stop Edgewater’s attempted field goal.

Boone soon counteracted Edgewater’s touchdown leading to an action packed first half.

Darnell Burton scored a touchdown in the first quarter, and Andrew Dawson’s kick was good, making the score 7-6.

Burton made another touchdown and Dawson was on his heels with a exta point kick. This launched the Braves to 14-6 in the second quarter. The Eagles bounced back with a touchdown and a field goal, tying the game 14-14 at the end of the first half.

While the third quarter started tied Dawson scored a field goal to help the team take the lead 17-14. Senior Daniel Gulliot made an interception giving the Braves possession.  Then they missed the snap, giving Edgewater possession. Fortunately, Tommy Townsend made an interception giving them the ball back.

Javon Richards scored a touchdown and the kick was good making the score 24-14. Edgewater made a personal foul and moved back 10 yards. Boone received the ball before the fourth quarter. With little other action then Townsend intercepted again.

The 3-peat win, 24-14, over the Eagles keeps the barrel on the Reservation for another year.  The Braves will play HB Plant in the region quarterfinals next Friday in Tampa.

By Shaylee Carter

I am a staffer on the 2015 Legend yearbook staff. I'm a sophomore and love to read a good book.

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