photo/Tyler Rispoli
photo/Tyler Rispoli
photo/Tyler Rispoli

On May 31, 14 students will address the audience at the graduation in University of Central Florida’s CFE Arena concerning their journey to the top of their class.  While the content of their speech remains unknown, here are some of their pointers on how to become a valedictorian.

(Valedictorians appear in alpha order, then the salutatorian).

Riley Bassett –All A’s, dedication and knowing your priorities.

Isabella Braga – It takes someone who does their best everyday — no matter how tired he or she is, they have to pick themselves up and keep studying. It doesn’t take a genius or even someone with resources. It takes drive, dedication and a textbook.

Kurt Calabretta– Persistance. There will be a lot of late nights studying, a lot of times when it would be so easy to give up and take a b, but you have to keep pushing yourself and it will pay off.

Matthew Casler – An intensive desire to achieve, high personal standards, mental fortitude and lots of coffee.

Emily Colvin– Dedication, organization and responsibility.

Jessica Edwards– It takes a great work ethic, developed goals and a consistent support group to be a valedictorian.

Nathan Fontaine– You’ve got to know your limits; it’s hard to maintain a 4.0 with 10 APs.

Jocelyn Hernandez– A valedictorian needs to be determined to succeed. They need to have a drive that will allow them to push through any obstacle they face.

Kristin Recker– It takes a lot of hard work and time; you can’t really afford to slack off or miss a lot of days of school. You have to stay on top of things and be dedicated and determined.

Morgan Smith– The willingness to put effort in. Getting straight A’s doesn’t just happen, you have to work for it, even if it means sacrificing sleep or your social life sometimes.

Nicole Swegheimer– It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication.

Benjamin Willsey– Balance, hard work and the mental tenacity of a salmon swimming upstream.

Kendall Wood– Patience and a lot of caffeine.

Salutatorian Alexander Britton– You have to have the mindset that you have the ability to achieve anything that you set your mind to. Just be persistent constantly and you will succeed.

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