[slideshow_deploy id=’84124′]Taking on marching band, crew, National Honor Society and French Club, Kurt Calabretta managed to maintain his 4.0 unweighted and 5.0 weighted GPA throughout his high school experience.

In most of elementary school and middle school Calabretta got a 4.0, so in high school, he figured he would continue to stabilize the legacy. The key to this was persistance.

“There will be a lot of late nights of studying, a lot of times when  it would be so easy to just give up and take a B. But you have to keep pushing yourself and it will pay off,” Calabretta said.

Calabretta states his favorite high school course was AP Psychology with Kelly Mahler,and his hardest high school course was AP U.S. History with Christopher Parrett.

Throughout his four years of high school, Calabretta participated and played bass trombone in the Sound of the Braves. He finished in Wind Ensemble, playing bass trombone. He and the rest of the band finished in fifth place at the state competition, which he notes as one of his biggest achievements in high school alone.

“[My fondest memory was] standing on the marching band field at the state championships, hearing that the band had made it to finals for the first time in many years,” Calabretta said.

Calabretta sees himself as self motivated. With supportive and encouraging parents, he didn’t want to let them or himself down.

Calabretta will attend Georgia Tech where he will major in mechanical engineering.

“I’ve always loved figuring out how things work and making new things. Plus I’m very strong in math and science,” Calabretta said.

Calabretta suggests incoming freshman find a club or sport they like doing and get involved with it.

“It’ll keep you busy, teach you time management, and help you make great friends. Plus, it looks good for colleges,” Calabretta said.

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