CHA-CHING. A CFE Teller is helping a customer open an account. photo/ Molly Cooper
CHA-CHING. Rylee Witherington is helping a customer open an account.
photo/ Molly Cooper

“Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching.” At lunch the Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union bustles with students depositing money into their bank accounts.

As one of the school’s three magnet programs, the finance magnet program assists the students aspiring to have a career in finance. The students take four college courses and work at the CFECU on campus. In the finance magnet, students learn how to count money, write checks and complete tax returns.

William Daniel, the finance teacher, prepares the students for future careers in finance. Teaching for over 20 years, Daniel established the finance magnet in 1995. They experience working and connecting with customers in the CFECU. According to senior Kathryn Dingman, she will use the experience of working at the branch on her resume when applying for jobs.

“I am able to get  real work experiences that will help me be prepared for future careers,” Dingman said.

In the branch, students work in various positions so they will get the feel of working at a real bank. There are two tellers per period, one teller is a junior and the other is a senior. The tellers work on transactions for the customers. A Member Service Rep opens accounts for the customers. The students rotate positions so they can learn the different job responsibilities.

“I could easily get a job at bank because of all the skills I obtained from working at the branch,” junior Delaney McCabe said.

When it comes to the future, these students can say they obtained valuable financial skills, like in a real world working environment and teaches them customer service and interpersonal skills. 

By Molly Cooper

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