LETS DEBATE. Students participate in Young Republicans involve guest speaker. photo/Robert Duckworth
LETS DEBATE. Student Conrad Carter introduces guest speaker, Dean Asher, at club meeting. photo/Robert Duckworth

Chatter erupts as conversation turns into a debate with students beginning to discuss the upcoming election. Students, freshman to senior, argue on political topics and share their views on each candidate

“We learn a lot about the political process and a lot about the candidates by sharing our own view with one another at our meetings,” club sponsor Michael Hibbard said.

The club discusses all topics to hear everyone’s views and thoughts on the election and candidates. Hibbard, as club sponsor, wants to get all students involved and participating so each student has an equal opportunity to share opinions with one another.

“It has helped me get a clearer understanding of what it really means to be a republican,” freshman Ellyse Wahl said.

The Young Republicans not only tries to get students with common interests together to discuss something they like, but it has guest speakers like Dean Asher who is running for Florida state senate. They also volunteer in smaller elections or campaign for candidates, as senior Conrad Connor plans to do for Marco Rubio.

“When I first joined, I wasn’t politically involved, but now I’m a lot more involved and more active with the candidates and groups,” senior Conrad Carter said.

Students participating in the Young Republicans will continue debating their views by joining college clubs such as College Republicans and staying active in the political community.

“Well, my goal is to start planning to send a few select students to the Ronald Reagan Ranch through the Young America’s Foundation in the fall of 2016,” Hibbard said.

As the meeting ends, the group disperses and awaits its next discussion, eager to hash out its opinions on the election.

“I’ve been brought up as a republican and believe strongly in the republican beliefs and I like to be around people with the same beliefs,” Wahl said.

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