JUMP HIGH. Sarah Rosenfeld performs a capezio jump. Photo/ Abby Jones
JUMP HIGH. Sarah Rosenfeld performs a capezio jump. Photo/ Abby Jones

Her eyes flooded with garnet and gold as she watched the crowd bend their arms  back and forth. Screaming people filled every seat at Doak Campbell Stadium.

The Golden Girls danced down on the sidelines, waving their pom pons back and forth as they performed and amped up the crowd. Watching this, 4-year-old  Sarah Rosenfeld knew she wanted to be a Golden Girl.

The Golden Girls are Florida State University‘s dance team. Dancing at athletic events such as football and basketball games is just a fraction of what the Golden Girls do. They also qualify for a national dance competition through Universal Dance Alliance. Rosenfeld recently got the chance to meet and take pictures with the Golden Girls.

“I was really excited when I got to see some of the girls and get tips from them about what I need to work on.” Rosenfeld said.

Rosenfeld, now a junior, began dance at The Dancer’s Pointe at two years old and began dancing with the competitive dance company at twelve.

The classes Rosenfeld attends on weekdays include jazz, hip hop, pointe, musical theatre, tap, ballet, ballet choreography and lyrical. 

Over the past year, Rosenfeld  remains determined to reach her goal, with her fellow dancers and parents helping her reach that goal. Debra Rosenfeld, Sarah’s mom, watches her daughter pursue her dream.

“It makes me very proud. Sarah is so driven. She makes her mind up and goes for it. I love how dedicated she is to the pursuit of her goals and dreams,” D. Rosenfeld said.

Pursuing a dream means time and commitment. With fellow dancer Grace Scheib, Rosenfeld attended dance clinics the Golden Girls held.

“It was such a great experience all around, especially because Sarah was there with me,” Scheib said.

Taking classes for any dancer becomes a powerful learning experience. It allows a dancer to learn how to pick up choreography faster and learn new moves.

“You can go back to your studio and really practice what you learned. And they give great advice about having confidence,” Scheib said.

The pursuit of a dream comes with a price. Rosenfeld spends 2-3 hours of her day doing homework either at home or at the dance studio. Rosenfeld stays self disciplined to maintain her straight As by starting her homework as soon as she gets home. 

Another challenge Rosenfeld faces leading up to Golden Girl tryouts involves the differences between a college dance team and a studio.

“A lot of the styles of dance I take classes in aren’t helping me specifically with Golden Girl auditions, because the Golden Girls only do jazz, hip hop and pom,” S. Rosenfeld said.

Rosenfeld’s family signed her up for dance clinics the Golden Girls held, and they are also looking into gymnastics and dance lessons.

“I’m most worried that there will be some crazy trick I’ve never seen before and freak out,” S. Rosenfeld said.

Golden Girls auditions take place over three days. Out of the 100 dancers who try out, around 20-25 dancers make the cut.  Making the team requires a full knowledge of dance.

“[We’re] making sure Sarah can perform all of the required dance and gymnastics moves. Golden Girls auditions are hyper-competitive,” D. Rosenfeld said.

Rosenfeld’s dedication and drive prove she will not stop until she reaches her lifelong goal.

“If I make the team I would feel accomplished and like all my hard work paid off,” S. Rosenfeld said.

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