nhs_header_logoOn Friday, Sept. 9, National Honor Society officers tapped 175 juniors and seniors, one of the largest groups to date.

For consideration into NHS students must exhibit scholarship (a 3.5 weighted or unweighted GPA), leadership, service and character. 

And NHS advisory council, along with sponsor Robin King, reviewed the applications to determine eligibility. 

“We are getting ready to induct about 175 inductees they are all highly qualified individuals. This is the largest group I’ve seen to have so many accomplished students,” King said. “I think character dictates two [other characteristics]. If you have good character, you serve others and will end up being a good leader.”

As part of the character requirement, students should have a clean disciplinary record. Referrals, like insubordination and cheating, do not align with NHS’ standards.

“When I see things like insubordination and cheating it shows that they might not have the best character or have had it tested before,” King said.

NHS president Dominick Orlando believes NHS can set students apart from other college applicants. 

“I believe it is an organization that allows me to show my academic and leadership qualities. It also looks really good on college applications,” Orlando said. “The members of NHS are the leaders – the ones who stand out and excel in the classroom.”

For students who did not get tapped and believe this to be an error, appeals begin Wednesday. Complete the online request to schedule a time.

Students tapped today:

Julia Alves

Christian Amlong

Jaxsen Anagnostis

Logan Anderson

Camryn Anderson

Kendra Apple

Evan Arango

Jenice Aviles

Adriana Ayala

Violeta Ayala

HanGyeol Bae

Emily Baker

Grayson Balmer

Claire Beemer

Zana Berisha

Amy Birmingham

Parker Blanchard

Molly Blastic

Madeline Bogan

Delaney Bookhardt

Tyler Boone Herndon

Cody Borjas

Janysa Cabrera

Valerie Campanalie

Wyatt Campbell

Cassidi Carney

Erin Carter

Lauren Cassidy

Rosa Cento

Noah Chevalier

Jackie Chuen

Alex Chuilli

Valerie Cintron-Malave

Tiffany Claure

Alex Clouser

Michael Collins

Kristen Collins

Blair Colson

Chloe Conyers

Helena Cooper

Alexia Correa

Juliana Cortes-Orjuela

Allana Crawford

Jae Crawford

David Crowe

Cole Dalton

Catie Demer

Marclandonne Dormeus

Lara Dusing

Lindsey Ellis

Lorenz Eton Nelson

Deborah Fenske

Haylee Finn

Thomas Fletcher

Sandra Flores

Jason Flowers

Parker Fluke

Irene Fong

Mariana Franco

Madeleine Fry

Chloe Frye

Gant Galy

Ivana Garcia

Kara Gentry

Michael George Cameron

Kara Gilbert

Josie Goeb

Michael  Gresosky

Britney Grille

Catterina Guerrero

Peyton Guillot

Melody Halbert

Bridget Hartig

Sydney Haselden

Lauren Hawk

Paris Haynes

Francesca Henriquez

Elyana Hernandez

Jacqueline Herrera

Shelby Hill

Annaliese Hines

Abigail Horton

Abby Hutsell

Shaylee Jackson

David Jamieson

Nyra Jolly

Abigail Jones

Camille Kalis

Cecilia Kegler

Christine Keller

Colin Kelly

Joseph Ketchum

Jochebed Kim

Quinten Koroshetz

Kelli  Kutz

Clark Levi

Gracyn Lindborg

Jada Lock

Rachel Lopez

Eliezer Lopez

Alexandra Lopez

Kurly Luengas

Reid Marlett

Lauren Martin

Yulisa Martinez

D’ Amaya mathis

Emily Matthews

Chasity Maynard

Grace McCarey

Eleanor McDonald

Grace McGee

Michael McKillop

Jason Medina

Lydia Mentzer

Carly Meyer

Isis Miller

Zachary Morales

Nathalie Moreira

Caroline Mueller

Marisa Muhart

Mia Murphy

Alexis Musser

Chloe Neusaenger

Joanne Nguyen

Jocelyn Nieves

Naseem Omar

Ahlam Omar

Amanda Paolicelli

Scott Peirce

Heather Pell

Ivelyss Perez

Ivelyss Perez

Victoria Petrucelly

Zoe Poisson

Viktoria Pringle

Colin Reilly

Kiana Rentas

Isabella Restrepo

Charly Reynolds

Hannah Riederiech

Joscelin Riveros

Jose Rodriguez

Rafael Rodriguez Guisti

Rachel Romaine

Jada Rookwood

Christie Ruiz

Jack Rummler

Hajra Saeed

Sophia Sanders

Sydney Schad

Emma Schrago

Samantha Schultz

Lauren Shutts

Abigail Smith

Emily Smith

Alyssa Soto

Stephanie Stoll

Hunter Strickland

Caroline Suggs

Kylee Taylor

Suzan Toma

Eric Tormanen

Taisse Torres

Avery Tyndall

Amy Undieme

Meggan Valles

Ivy  Van Dyke

Keisha Vargas

Sean Walsh

Victoria Whittington

Lisa Williams

Samuel Willis Houston

Robert Woodall


Sam  Xiaoxiao

Brenna Yokiel

By Kyla McCrary

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