PITCH PERFECT. At the auditions, freshman Kathy Tran sings “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston. photo/Myara Perez

On Thursday, Sept. 15, 16 acts will perform at the fifth annual Acoustic Night. The show begins at 7 p.m., and the tickets are $3 at the door.

This night focuses specifically on acoustic performances: acoustic guitars, vocals, piano and drums.

“I realized that Boone has a lot of talented singers, guitarists, pianists, etc. A lot of kids try-out for Brave Aid and they can only take so many acoustic acts featuring singers and guitarists,” chorus teacher Jussi Doherty said. ”So I decided to start a concert that is only for them. The vision was, think of like a coffee house performance, it’s kind of like that idea.”

Of 30 acts who auditioned, junior Alana Spafford earned one of the 16 spots. She will perform “Stay” by Rihanna.

“I honestly thought I wouldn’t make it because of all the wonderful talent,” Spafford said.

The audience can expect an entertaining night full of music and singing from each student’s performance.

“A performance is a culminating experience for the students that allows them the opportunity to learn and polish a prepared song for a live audience,” Doherty said. “Students often experience a breakthrough when they perform in these circumstances. It allows them to confront their performance anxiety head-on and they always receive great support from the audience.”

The complete list of the evening’s entertainers includes:

  1. Melanie Gaboy
  2. Rose Helsinger & Clay Dixon
  3. Faith Best
  4. Alana Spafford & Joey Rodriguez
  5. Kaleigh Tessier
  6. Brennah Fussell
  7. Adrian Castaneda
  8. Jennifer Casanova
  9. Elizabeth Villeneuve
  10. Rafael Figueroa
  11. Micah Rojas, Matthew Suchler, Jack Bramuchi, Charlie Bramuchi
  12. Joey Rodriguez
  13. Alexandra Claure & Micah Rojas
  14. Carly Meyer & Quentin K
  15. Kathy Tran
  16. Ander Coggeshall and Bryce Hayes

By Myara Perez

Im a first year newspaper staffer. I enjoy taking pictures, writing and making short films.

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