JUST A LITTLE FARTHER. On hole two (par 3), senior Mia Edgar puts a bogey. photo/Olivia Page
LOOK AT IT. Freshman Dina Rami uses her binoculars to measure the angle to the hole. photo/Olivia Page

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, the Lady Braves golf team (2-3) defeated Colonial and University in their fifth match of the season.

The team’s leading golfer, freshman Dina Rami, finished with a 42 on nine holes. She started the match strong with a par on hole one (par 5). She continued to shoot low scores with a bogey on hole two (par 3) and on hole nine (par 4).

Although facing a rough start, the second best golfer of the day, senior Mia Edgar, shot a bogey on hole two (par 3) and on hole seven (par 3). She finished the day with a 55.

On hole three (par 3), both junior Delaney Bookhardt and junior Grayson Balmer shot double bogies. Later in the match, Balmer putted in another double bogey on hole eight (par 4).

The final Boone competitor, sophomore Hailey Edwards, ended the match with a 58. Holes one and three were her best of the game.

Support Lady Braves golf on Thursday, Sept. 29, at Ventura at 11 a.m. as they play nine holes in Metro Competition.

“[We are] a little nervous [for Metro Competition], but we are going to stay positive through the good and bad shots,” senior Mia Edgar said.

By Olivia Page

I am the Student Life editor on the Legend Yearbook staff and play varsity soccer.

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