dressupdaysHomecoming week starts Oct. 3, with a variety of dress up days and activities to celebrate the week. 

Student Government Association chose a theme for each day and encourage students to participate throughout the week.  

On Monday, students should wear their favorite Grease themed costumes and outfits. On Tuesday, SGA assigned each class a different generation to dress up as: freshman dress like toddlers, sophomores dress like awkward tweens, juniors dress like middle aged adults and seniors dress like senior citizens. On Wednesday wear fan apparel; this includes bands, movies and sports teams attire. On Thursday wear anything that represents a favorite teacher or Principal Dusty Johns. Friday dress up with the craziest orange and white or togas for seniors. 

“[Dress up days are] fun, they promote school spirit and [it] gets everyone excited when people dress up,” SGA sponsor Jennifer Hines said.

To start the competition, each class will decorate a planter based on its interpretation of the Grease theme. Then on Tuesday evening, Kickball starts at 6 with the freshmen playing the seniors, and the sophomores playing the juniors.  The winner of those games will play for the championship. The seniors are hopeful that they win the championship outright this year, rather than losing to a rock, paper, scissors tiebreaker, like they did last year.

Wednesday evening hosts the annual Braves Brawl, where various clubs perform theme based skits to win the bragging-rights title. Immediately following the skits, the drum line will lead attendees to the bonfire for the pre-game pep rally.

Thursday is an off day to allow clubs to add finishing touches to their floats for the parade on Friday, or for students to attend the freshmen and junior varsity football games at Jones High School.

On Friday, the parade will begin in the student parking lot at 4 p.m., go up Mills to Michigan Avenue and turn right onto Osceola Avenue. It will pass Wadeview Park and end in the teacher lot.

“I look forward to Braves Brawl; I really enjoy getting competitive with my class. It’s a good way for all the clubs to come together,” SGA president Kaitlyn Cullen said.

SGA wants students to participate in as many activities as they can. These activities provide a good way to represent school spirit and carry on traditions.

“It’s a time of year that we can celebrate the many traditions at Boone. It’s a time when alumni frequently come back to visit and enjoy seeing the traditions,” Hines said.

The week represents a time to show school spirit and get ready for the big game.

“Students should participate because you only have four years at Boone, you get one week to focus on spirit and get excited,” Cullen said.

By Kyla McCrary

Hey! I'm Kyla McCrary, I am the editor in chief for Boone Pubs and a Boone cheerleader. I love to get lost in a good book and cry during cheesy movies. I get through the day with an abundant amount of candy and iced coffee.

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