SMILE. Sophomore Mackenzie Butler poses for a picture in her uniform before a competition. photo courtesy/ Mackenzie Butler
SMILE. Sophomore Mackenzie Butler poses for a picture in her uniform before a competition. photo courtesy/ Mackenzie Butler

Mutually exhausted from school and four hours of practice, sophomore Mackenzie Butler begins her homework at 7p.m.

Butler takes four core classes and one elective at school and two additional electives online. After fifth period, she gets checked out and heads to the gym.

Practice begins at 1p.m. and lasts until 5:30p.m.

Starting out as a dancer as a child, Butler’s friend competed in gymnastics, intriguing her interest.

“[My friend] told me about it so I asked my mom for almost five months. She would always say no but then eventually she said yes, so the first day of fifth grade, my mom and I found a gym nearby for my first trial class and I loved it,” Butler said.

In the four years of competing, Butler continues to practices at Orlando Metro Gymnastics. In competition, she earned 84 medals in various categories.

The beginning of freshman year posed a challenge for the young gymnast

“I wanted to quit because I didn’t think I could handle gymnastics and school and having to leave school early every day,” Butler said. “I wanted to spend more time with friends and not be left out of anything, but then I remembered where gymnastics could possibly take me and I had to think about my future so I stayed and now I am glad I didn’t quit.”

After high school she hopes to attend Michigan State or Louisiana State University and be on their gymnastics team. She dreams of pursuing a career in anesthesiology.

Butler uses the sport to release stress and energy and have fun with her teammates.

Since practice ends at 5:30p.m. it leaves little time for homework.

“It is tough sometimes having to come home and do my homework, eat and shower especially when I have a lot of homework,” Butler said.

Although practice lasts for five hours, the time spent in the gym betters her chances in competition.

“Sometimes I am nervous [when I compete], but for the most part I am full of energy and ready to compete. Cheering on my teammates is one of the best parts, and watching everyone’s routines,” Butler said.

In her second year of competing, Butler won first place in the floor vault and beam in the state level. This year she hopes to reach 100 medals.

By Cassady Quintana

I am a junior on the BHS Lady Braves varsity basketball team, varsity flag football team and a second year Boone Pubs staffer. I am addicted to sweet tea and I love music.

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