Sophomore Cynthia Bogozzi waits to steal the ball while Apopka throws it onto the feild.


Senior Lindsay Jackson runs to defend the goal and bring it back down to score.
Senior Lindsay Jackson runs to defend the goal and bring it back down to score.

On Monday night, Nov. 28, the Lady Braves soccer team (2-2-0) took on the Apopka Blue Darters on the Reservation.

At the beginning of the game, the Blue Darters played contentious offense, keeping the ball on the Braves’ side for most of the first quarter. Seniors Megan Pirino, Haley Hadd, and Olivia Page played strong defense throughout the game, and Pirino taking many free kicks for the Braves.

Before the first quarter ended, Apopka managed to score two goals bringing the score to 0-2 by halftime.

“When we went into the game, we underestimated the team because they lost to JV, who played really well so we expected them not to be great. It is hard to come back once we score because we have bad confidence this year, we get down but we have to work on keeping the morale up,” senior Megan Pirino said.

The girls began the second quarter with more strength and determination. Junior Catherine Demer scored the first and lone goal bringing the score to 1-2.

Apopka scored two more goals during the second quarter on Boone’s goalie, Jessenia Jalca, leaving the score at a loss of 1-4.

“I feel like we are still learning to play as a team and that was a game where we had to work out some kinks. The second half we stepped up our game but unfortunately, the score didn’t reflect that,” senior Oliva Page said.

The Braves next game is Monday, Dec. 5, against the Cypress Creek Bears (2-6) at 7:30 p.m. at home.

By Charly Reynolds

I am a junior on Legend Yearbook staff at BHS. I play golf and tennis, and on my free time I am usually hanging out with my friends or at home watching my favorite Netflix shows, Drop Dead Diva, Grey's Anatomy, and Parks and Recreation. Also, I am obsessed with dogs.

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