How long have you taught?

“This is my first year teaching, literally less than two weeks, as of August 23. For 10 years, I worked at Disney before coming to Boone to work as a teacher. I teach Technical Theatre and Theatre 1.”

What college did you graduate from?

“I graduated from the University of Oklahoma. During my high school career I attended Dr. Phillips High School, and took part of the theatre magnet that they offer.”

Describe some of your favorite hobbies?

“I love listening to music, but I do have five year old which takes a lot of my time. Another thing I love to do is read books about history.”

Describe the relationship you wish to have with your students?

“I want my students to learn how to be better artist and craftsmen. The whole idea of my class is for students to understand and grow more in the theatre background. I’m just here to ensure my students learn about tech and help them grow in the artist and craftsmen aspect.”

What is your motto?

“Be positive and get the job done!”

What is one of your hidden talents?

“I know lots of random facts about things, because a while back I used to be a prop master on television.”

Something you wish to benefit from this school year?

“Getting to know my students and being able to teach each other.”


By Chelsi Peter

Hey! I'm Chelsi Peter, the editor-in-chief for Boone Pubs. I enjoy swimming and participate in Boone's swimming team. I love binge watching Supernatural and Riverdale on Netflix. I enjoy spending my time reading and shopping.

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