HEADS UP. Junior Alexis Tamvakis dribbles the ball downfield. photo/Molly Cooper

The Lady Braves (5-2) soccer team played their fourth home game of the season on Nov. 28 against The First Academy Royals.

The Lady Royals started with force, but sophomore Alexys Morton cleared the ball downfield before they could take a successful shot.

The Braves started the game with junior Cynthia Bagozzi attempting several shots against the Royals.

While on defense, goalie Shelby Reardon, sophomore, saved the ball against a free kick. After senior Jazmine Adlam took a corner kick, TFA scored a goal with minutes left in the half. At halftime, the girls were trailing 0-1.

After corrections were made in a huddle from Adlam, junior Alexis Tamvakis and senior Catherine Demer, the girls went into the remainder of the game with a new attitude. Juniors Megan Stearns, Taylor Wolfinger and Madison McCoy started the second half. Ten minutes into the second half, Bagozzi received a yellow card. With fierce motivation, junior Emily Riggs scored in the upper 90 of the goal, tying the score 1-1. Nearly two minutes after this score, Adlam scored again, placing the Lady Braves ahead 2-1.

Bagozzi came back into the game and drove to the goal, shooting successfully and giving the team a two goal lead.

In the last 20 minutes of the game, the girls defended their goal, stopping the Lady Royals from making any goals as keeper senior Brenna Yokiel deflected a Lady Royal shot, making a save.

With five minutes remaining, Adlam took the final corner kick. However, the game was called to an end during the play within the box.

Boone emerged victorious, winning 3-1. The Lady Braves play the Olympia Titans on Nov. 30 at 7:30 p.m.


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