READY TO LIFT. Freshman Cele Philips prepares for her first event. photo/Brooke Evans

In a meet against Colonial High School, the Lady Braves weightlifting team celebrated their senior night, but lost the meet. The meet finished 28-58.

There are currently eight seniors on the team. The girls were each presented with a bouquet of flowers, sash, and handmade sign with their name on it. Seniors include: Georgia Clark, Sam Ballard, Kate McEvoy, Erica Reilly and Alexis Tamvakis. The team decorated and hung up posters and balloons.

Although the team lost, the girls showed their team spirit by cheering on every member of their team, as well as members of the opposing team. Team members encouraged their teammates in both the bench press and clean and jerk events.

Georgia Clark impacted the final score after lifting 150 pounds. Freshmen Brianna May and Cele Philips lifted 90 and 85 pounds, respectively.

Despite the loss, the Lady Braves left smiling and encouraging each other to improve in the next meet.

The Lady Braves weightlifting team rivals the Cypress Creek Bears at Cypress Creek High School in their next meet. The meet starts at 5 p.m. on Nov. 14.

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