When unforeseen circumstances occurred to a fellow student, Best Buddies historian Ansley Dalton along with other officers sprung into action and created a GoFundMe. Club officers knew they wanted to help fundraise to pay for the upcoming funeral and help the family with other necessities, such as groceries, while the family adjusts. 

With a time limit to raise needed funds, the officers decided on a GoFundMe account as a last resort. In order to act quickly, Dalton made the account without school approval.

“I wasn’t sure if I could get in trouble for not getting approved, but I was so heartbroken by the situation that if [getting in trouble] meant I could help my friend, I would do it,” Dalton said.

Because Dalton proceeded without administrative approval, the fundraiser does not directly connect to the club.  However, even without a direct campus connection, this did not stop students and the community from donating to the cause. Within one day, they raised $1,000. The fundraiser currently raised $2,110. 

“[The student] can not do much to improve her situation but we can. Our support and generosity is one of the most practical ways we can help her and her family, along with emotional support,” Dalton said.

Click here to donate to a family in need.

By Kyla McCrary

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