In response to nearly 500 missed detentions, administration launched a new approach. In an attempt to hold students accountable for disciplinary misconduct, missed after school detentions lead to extended detentions within the school day.

Administration takes steps to remind students of detentions, such as hero passes, emails and announcements.

The goal of the extended detention is to hold students accountable for breaking school policies by enforcing a disciplinary consequence. This aims to keep students out of PASS, the original punishment for skipping a detention, and also aims to eliminate potential transportation problems.

“The idea is that once students and parents are aware that the discipline team takes repeated misconduct serious, minor infractions will decrease. Data shows that there already has been a decrease in tardies,” administrative dean Michelle Perez said.

The original punishment for an infraction remains an after school detention. If students miss this, then they are sent to extended detentions. These extended detentions are held during the school day for two periods.

While in extended detention, administration encourages students to work on the assignments from the classes they would typically be in. If no work is provided, students will work on disciplinary packets. Teachers must allow students to make up missed assignments during the time they are in detention.

The detention system we have is the same from last year. If you have repeated tardies, dress code or electronic violations, you receive a detention. The only thing that has changed is the accountability system,” Perez said.


By Kyla McCrary

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