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Meet: Tiffanie Brown

What subject do you teach?
I am a biology and marine science teacher.

How many years have you taught biology and marine science?
This is my first year teaching marine science, and almost 12 years teaching biology.

Have you taught at any school previously?
Yes, I am from Jacksonville, Duval County. That is where I’ve been mostly; this is my first year teaching with OCPS.

What inspires you to teach every day?
The interaction with the students, knowing that I have the ability to help them learn, nourish and grow.

What celebrity would you rate a perfect 10 and why?
None, they are all human, everybody has their flaws. I admire Denzel Washington, Michelle and Barack Obama. I like people who are inspiring to the young Black community. They help break the stereotype of what it is to be black in America.

As a kid, what was your dream job?
I wanted to be a doctor; an OBGYN. But, I had kids and that dream stopped.

What are you most excited for this current school year?
I’m most excited to learn Boone’s ways. I’ve never been to a school with so much pride. The previous school I taught at was a magnet school and they didn’t have sports.

What is something your students would be surprised if they found out about you?
I used to be a dancer; I graduated from an arts school. I specialized in ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical and contemporary.

Is there a quote or saying you lives your life by?
Every journey begins with a single step. You’ve got to try, [because] you can’t make it without trying.

By Chelsi Peter

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