Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, Tiger King, Murder, Mayhem and Madness, the series which inspired many memes and held a Top 10 spot on Netflix in the United States, Canada and Britain for more than a week, according to The Verge, is a quarantine must watch.

With a stay-at-home order currently in place, millions everywhere are doing nothing but surfing Netflix for new shows and Tiger King hooked many. Within its first 10 days of being released, it has already surpassed 34 million views and is currently ranked number one in the U.S.

There are seven episodes, each one consisting of around 45 minutes. The series primarily focuses on a man named Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, known as Joe Exotic, owner of the once known G.W. Zoo, in Garvin County Oklahoma. Exotic is not your average keeper. The behavior and events shown in the series are almost impossible to possible, and viewers are immediately hooked.

The documentary series starts with episode one “Not your average Joe,” and shows Exotic in jail with little to no information as to why. This ampts up curiosity in viewers. While it is hard to not Google the current situation Exotic faces, be patient and don’t, just wait and watch it play out. Then the rest of the episode shows Joe’s daily routine all around the zoo, taking care of huge cats. One thing that is also very clear about Joe, is that he has a fueling hatred against Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue, in Florida. 

Throughout the series, viewers watch a massive feud between Exotic and Baskin. Say what you want about Baskin but she contributes to the entertainment aspect of the show, immensly.

Exotic and Myrtle Beach zoo keeper Bhagavan Antle “Doc”, both believe Baskin is performing more bad deeds than the both of them, and “brainwashing” other people to believe that these zookeepers are hurting cats. 

In further episodes, as we get a deeper look into all things Exotic, including personal relationships, a marriage with two other men, and a tangled spool of an unfinished story between all involved in the zoo, past and present. 

The show introduces new characters, including Joe’s husbands, John Finlay, and Travis Maldonado, as well as upcoming business partner Jeff Lowe, who plays a key role in the downfall of Exotic. 

The series is told from multiple long interviews from former Zookeepers and colleagues. It was also revealed that Exotic, was planning on making a reality show, so it is assumed that the clips that are shown, were intended to be used in his reality show. The show also includes several cringe-worthy music videos, produced by none other than Joe Exotic. 

The series consists of many different surprises, some including buildings being burned down, recently suspected euthanization of cats, plotting of a murder, and even more crazy and wild turns the show takes. 

This hooks viewers because you almost can’t believe what you are seeing.

In the end, unraveling after a tattered story of crazy plot twists, it is finally revealed the cause of Exotic going to jail. In the seventh and final episode, key witnesses explain the behind the scenes situations that unfolded. These witnesses do not think “it is over” and there is still more to come out and more people that are going to be convicted and likely serve time in jail. 

If you are still ready for more Joe Exotic, Netflix is rumored to be working on a bonus episode.


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