Amanda Monell is one of 27 valedictorians.

What college do you plan to attend? Florida State University.”

Why did you choose Florida State University? “I choose Florida State University for a few reasons. One of the main ones being that they gave me a great scholarship and I was accepted into their honors program. For the longest time I was dead set on University of Florida. When I got in I thought that’s where I would be this fall, but there’s just something about FSU that feels like home. It’s also a huge perk that my older brother lives five minutes away from the campus.”

What is your intended major? “Behavioral Neuroscience.”

Why do you want to study behavioral neuroscience? “My life goal is to make it into medical school and one day become a doctor. I knew I had the option to study whatever I really wanted to in order to apply for medical school. It was last year in Ms. Mahler’s AP Psychology class that I knew neuroscience was what I wanted to study. The entire concept just fascinated me. “

What are your other college acceptances? “University of Florida, University of Central Florida, University of North Florida, Stetson University, Fordham University, and The College of William & Mary.”

What clubs and sports have you participated in?National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society. I was Vice President junior year and President senior year of Spanish Club. I was also Parliamentarian for the Science National Honor Society and Secretary for Rho Kappa Social Studies National Honor Society during my senior year.”

Which club was your favorite? “My favorite club I participated in was definitely Spanish Club. Ms. Carrera is my second mom and being able to spread Spanish and hispanic culture with the rest of Boone with her was so much fun.”

What is your favorite Boone memory? “My favorite memory from Boone is getting the opportunity to shadow several health care professionals at ORMC with the Boone High School Academy of Health Science. The memories I made at the hospital will follow me for the rest of my life. I gained so much knowledge and advice that will truly benefit me for my future in the medical field.”

Who is your role model? “My role model is my older brother Kevin. He’s the first person in my family to attend college. He had a dream and he was successful, so much so that he graduated with his Masters in under five years.”

How did you stay motivated in school? “Staying motivated in school hasn’t always been easy. At certain times I was mentally drained and ready to stop working as hard as I had been, but every day, when I would walk back into class and see my friends I would regain my strength. Knowing that we were all working towards the same goal and we were doing it together made it that much easier.”

What do you want to do after college? “After college, I would love to attend medical school. I love health care and being able to aid those in need. I hope to one day become a pediatric anesthesiologist and help make hard times a little better and easier for kids.”

What advice do you have for incoming students? “Never take these moments for granted. Your high school experience is something that will always be with you. You will meet some of the most amazing people, both friends and advisors. You’ll learn more about yourself than you could ever imagine. Even when things seem rough, just breathe and continue on.”

By Haylee Patrick

My name is Haylee Patrick and I'm the index editor for BoonePub's newspaper.

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