Ivan Mihanovic is one of the 27 valedictorians.

What college do you plan to attend?University of Florida.”

What is your intended major? “Biomedical Engineering.”

What other colleges accepted you? “University of Central Florida.”

What sports and clubs did you participate in?Swimming, diving, water polo, Math Club, Mu Alpha Theta.”

What was your favorite memory at Boone? “Prom 2018.”

What is your advice to incoming students? “Always ask questions. It can’t hurt to know more than you already do.”

What are you most looking forward to about college? “The new experiences that are unique to college life.”

What does being a valedictorian mean to you? “Being valedictorian means being an example for the next three years of Boone students.”

What is your biggest motivation or inspiration? “My biggest inspiration is my grandpa, who worked on some of the first computers with the army.”

What is the most important lesson you learned at Boone? “I learned it’s alright to have your own ups and downs. No one is perfect: the important part is to keep your eyes on the prize and just move forward.”

How did you keep up with school work and stay so active in sports and clubs? “I’ll be honest, I don’t really know. Sometimes I think it’s a miracle that I made it through myself.”

What is the biggest goal you have for your future? “Right now I would say my biggest goal is to graduate college and become a biomedical engineer.”

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