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WARNING IT MAY BE CLOSED UPON ARRIVAL The ACT posted this warning for students, leaving students unable to test as planned. photo/ACT

As COVID-19 is still a fear for Floridians, Governor Ron DeSantis announced yesterday that recent graduates now receive additional time to submit their SAT or ACT scores for the Bright Futures Scholarship.

The governor released an executive order earlier this week in which he pushed the original date, July 31, back further to December. It gave recent graduates an extra five months to test and improve or receive the ACT or SAT score.

While ACT and SAT testing locations, not only in Florida, but around the world shut down, the governor is hopeful that giving students extra time to apply can help them get the financial aid they need.

“Whereas, the ACT was offered over the summer in some places, but in many instances these tests were cancelled or reached capacity, thereby preventing some recently graduated seniors from the opportunity to earn an award under the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program, ” the office of Governor DeSantis wrote in executive order number 20-212.

The Bright Futures scholarship offers Florida residents the ability to receive their whole tuition paid for to any Florida public college or university. Seniors apply with their GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and community service hours to determine how much of their tuition the scholarship provides.

2020 graduates now have until Dec. 1 to submit their scores to receive the Bright Futures scholarship.

By Samar Baig

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