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Replacing Dr. Bray, who started at Apopka at the beginning of the month, Dr. Washington-Brown joined staff in the middle of a pandemic. Her transition was not typical, as she claims she had to step out of her comfort zone. Following safety protocols, Dr. Washington-Brown quarantined before coming to campus.

“The fact that I was new to Boone, not on campus and on quarantine made it extremely difficult for me to manage from home,” Dr. Washington-Brown said.

Dr. Washington-Brown is excited to join the community. She wants to help students in any way she can. The new assistant principal wants students to know that she’s easy to approach due to her previous experience as a guidance counselor. 

“I plan to use resources from my previous positions to make a positive impact at Boone. I also plan to listen and be ready for change. I always try to help others and learn new things,” Dr. Washington-Brown said.

In addition to her work as a guidance counselor, she previously worked as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. Dr. Washington-Brown received her degree from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.

Her passion for helping people led her into the education profession. She became inspired by her middle and high school teachers and was propelled forward by her own “helping spirit.”

She acknowledges that balancing work and family is difficult but still finds the profession rewarding. Assisting students helps remind her why she became an educator. 

“The reward is the best part of being an educator. The reward of seeing the success in all students impacted by my leadership is always a great way to remind me of why I entered the profession,” Dr. Washington-Brown said.

Dr. Washington-Brown is excited to be a Brave and participate in all of the traditions. She feels welcomed into the community.

“I have received the most outstanding welcome from the students, staff and community. I really feel like I am a member of ‘the club’ or ‘the family,’” Dr. Washington-Brown said.

Dr. Washington-Brown feels accepted into the community, and ready to get to know her fellow staff members and the students.

By Haylee Patrick

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