3rd Marking Period Reflection: AP

self reflectionNow that we have completed the marking period, it is time to reflect on your performance as a student in AP English Literature. For this assignment, you will need to review the information in your class portfolio in addition to the writing assignments you have submitted to Edmodo. Your reflection should be thoughtfully written, with an eye toward improving your performance on the coming AP exam.

First, SORT the contents of your portfolio.

SAVE:    Major Works Data Sheets

Timed Writings

MC Practice

Lit Circles Window Notes

KEEP/TOSS: Everything else!

REFLECT: Review your written responses for commonalities. What are the most common issues on your papers? What can you do to address and correct that issue? Compare some earlier papers with papers written more recently. Where do you see that you have grown/improved?

Submit your completed reflection to the blue box. You may return your folder to your class box.

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