Othello Anticipation Guide

othello_1_lgCopy each statement and indicate whether you agree or disagree.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine the honesty of a friend.

When a person’s reputation has been tainted, it can never be restored.

Parents know what is best for their children.

A person’s love can be gained through material wealth.

Racial and age differences in a marriage are easily overcome.

Secondhand information is reliable.

Military heroes shouldn’t get distracted with things like love. It makes them weak.

Reputation is the most important thing in the world.

Imagination can be worse than reality.

Physical violence is the best kind of revenge.

If someone deceives me, it’s all his fault.

Best friends make the worst enemies.

No person can avoid being intensely jealous at some point.

Once you have established trust with someone, you can trust their counsel.

Of the emotions of anger, resentment, jealousy, or loneliness, jealousy hurts the most.

After you have made your selections, choose three of the statements and explain briefly what made you choose whether you agreed or disagreed with the statement. (You may do this on the back of the paper.)

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