Semester I Reflection: Honors

self reflectionNow that we have completed the second marking period, it is time to reflect on your performance as a student in English IV Honors. For this assignment, you will need to review the information in your class portfolio in addition to the writing assignments you have submitted to Edmodo. Your reflection should be thoughtfully written in complete sentences–no bullet points! Be sure to include all three areas in your review.

Consider your completed work, your success on out-of-class items, your participation in class, and your overall work habits (homework, planning, paying attention, etc.) as you complete your reflection.

+ PLUS – In what areas have you succeeded? What are you doing that is working well for you? What kinds of assignments or activities have been the most positive for you and why? What are you currently doing that you can confidently say will be of benefit to you at the college/university level?

– MINUS – In what areas have you struggled? What did not turn out the way you planned? Do you have habits in or out of class that affect the quality of your work and participation in class? What skills do you need to focus on to bring them up to collegiate level?

Δ CHANGE – What do you plan to change or do differently to achieve better results in the coming marking period? Consider such tools as task planning, Edmodo use, questioning, participation, etc.

Submit your completed reflection to the blue box. You may return your folder to your class box.

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