The laid back atmosphere of Mellow Mushroom provides the perfect setting to socialize and enjoy a vibrant spectrum of flavors and dishes.

Aromas from the tomatoes and melted cheese tantalize one’s taste buds as soon as one steps through the doors of Mellow Mushroom.

The staff is friendly, attentive and dedicated to ensuring everything goes well throughout the meal.

Mellow Mushroom is split into four sections: the bar area, central dining room, private booths and outside porch. The separate dining areas give Mellow Mushroom a more intimate feeling.

The atmosphere combines a psychedelic feel with a modern and exciting indie-rock vibe. Murals of random, abstract scenes can be found splashed across the walls and a 6-foot mushroom statue greets those who enter the restaurant.

Appetizers deemed “Munchies” include Oven Roasted Wings (5 for $4.50) and Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms ($6.75). The pretzels (3 for $4.50) were a favorite among the diners. The pretzels are balled up pizza dough served with marinara sauce and seasoned with Parmesan cheese.

There are 13 specialty pizzas available as well as option to build your own pizza. For example, “The Caesar!” (14 inches for $16.75) specialty pizza is a basic cheese pizza topped with a refreshing chicken Caesar salad. The juicy chicken and crunchy lettuce is  a nice contrast to the hot cheese pizza lying underneath.

The also delightful “Kosmic Karma” (14 inches for $16.25) pizza has sun dried tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese, fresh tomatoes and pesto sprinkled on top. The mixture of ingredients accent each other and improve the dish.

Mellow Mushroom also has a calzone section of the menu. Encased in its large dough shell is usually cheese, steak or chicken. Mellow Mushroom also stuffs its calzones with different vegetables such as peppers, onions and, of course, mushrooms. Calzones range in price from $7.75 to $9.95.

For the health conscious, the menu offers a large salad section where one can order a specialty salad or opt to build one.

One of its few shortfalls was the lack of dessert options. The only three desserts include: “Mel’s Ginormous Space Cookies” ($2), “Mary Jane’s Double Chocolate Brownies” ($2.50) and “Honey and Cinnamon Pretzels” (3-$4.50 and 6-$7.25). Although the other food options at  Mellow Mushroom are delicious and plentiful, the desserts leave customers wanting more choices.

A five star rating is awarded to Mellow Mushroom for its unique atmosphere, quick service and its providing an all-around spectacular and satisfying  experience.

The unexpected decor and wide range of food served at Mellow Mushroom gives it an interesting, one-of-a-kind vibe. All of the random and eclectic elements that make up Mellow Mushroom provide a different experience for everyone of its guests, making it a perfect place to visit again and again.

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