After months of campaign commercials, phone calls and flyers the races are over and republicans swept the state.


In the race for Florida Governor, Republican Rick Scott led over Democrat Alex Sink with 49 to 47 percent. Due to the closeness of the race there was not a winner until Wednesday morning when Sink conceded. Sink called this a “classic Florida election; a nail bitter” due to the closeness of the race up to the very end.

In the race for Orange County Mayor, Republican Teresa Jacobs beat Democrat hopeful Bill Segal.

Republican Daniel Webster unseated one term Democrat Alan Grayson in the race for Congress district 8, adding a gain in seats for the republicans.

Republican Marco Rubio beat Democrat candidate Kendrick Meek and Independent candidate Charlie Crist, gaining a seat in the Senate for the Republicans.

Republican Pam Bondi is the first woman to be the state’s attorney general. Bondi defeated Dan Gelber, the democratic candidate.


Amendment 2-homestead exemption-PASSED: This provides a homestead property tax exemption to members of the United States military or military reserves who receive a homestead exemption and were deployed in the previous year on active duty outside the continental United States, Alaska or Hawaii.

Amendment 4-land use plans-REJECTED: Deals with land development; would have forced residents to vote on and approve development projects before they begin.

Amendment 5-PASSED: District boundaries: Lets voters decide legislative district boundaries instead of letting politicians draw district lines.

Amendment 6-district boundaries-PASSED: Deals with close to the same thing as 5 but with congressional boundaries.

Amendment 8-class size-REJECTED: Dealt with increasing class size in public schools. This would have given schools flexibility of an average of 25 per core class, rather than the strictly enforced 25 or less per class.

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