December is a time for wishful thinking. Every holiday season, countless children prepare their wish lists for the always generous Santa Claus. Most lists contain typical items like new toys, iPods or clothes. This holiday season, I have created my own short wish list, though much different than those created by children around the world.

Bowl win for UCF- The Knights have yet to win a bowl game since joining Division 1 in 1996. On Dec. 31, they will travel to the Liberty Bowl in Memphis to take on the University of Georgia from the powerhouse Southeastern Conference. With UCF’s first top 25 ranking in the AP, USA Today and BCS polls, this season seems to be the one the Knights will finally break through their bowl win barrier. By winning the game, the Knights would likely end the year ranked, a perfect New Year’s gift to all their fans. Checkout the p. 23 of the Sports section for Brendan Hall and Justin Kane’s picks for the entire bowl season.

More funding for schools- It may sound cheesy, but school funding is in such dire straits that it needs to be on more people’s wish lists. With no immediate end to the recession in sight, schools must start to look for other modes of funding than from the money-depleted government. Some schools have begun to allow advertising from companies on school property like on lockers and buses. These advertisements can provide a much needed financial boost to local schools. This issue’s Our View goes in depth into this new and somewhat controversial trend in education.

Get through holidays without going broke- Every year, I break my bank searching for gifts for family and friends. However, with the help of the Hi-Lights gift guide, this year will be different.

The guide gives gift suggestions for price ranges starting at $10. By keeping within a price range, hopefully we all can avoid going overboard and have some money at the end of the holiday season.

With my list finished, my wishes set, all I can do now is have hope they’ll come true. And in the end, that’s what the holidays are all about.

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